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[created 04-10-2020]

keyword research tools

Search Engines

General Search

National Search Engines

Privacy-oriented search engines

Meta search engines

FTP search engines

Files Search Engines

Image Search Engines

Images shared across social media sites can be found in the following locations:

There are specialized sites that hold images appeared in the press and news media, to search for this type of images go to:

Reverse image search

Stock photo search engines

Graphics search

Video Search Engines

Blog Search

Custom Search Engines

Internet Of Things (IoT) devices search engines

Exploits search engines

Dark Web Search Engines

You should download the TOR Browser first before you can access sites hosted on the TOR network.

News/Newspaper Search Engines

Fake News Detection

Specialized Search Engines

Niche Search Engines

Patent Search Engines

Web Directories

Translation services

Business Search

Business Annual Records

Business Profiles

Grey literature

Grey information includes the following -and more (Academic papers, preprints, proceedings, conference & discussion papers, research reports, marketing reports, technical specifications and standards, dissertations, theses, trade publications, memoranda, government reports and documents not published commercially, translations, newsletters, market survey, draft version of books, articles.

Most important Grey literature (academic and scholarly resources) websites can be found in the following list:

Data Leak Websites

Pastebin sites